Can I get Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control done at the same time?


Do you use Wool friendly and Allergen Free Chemicals?


When can I let the dogs in ?

Don’t let the dogs in until the carpets are fully dry or else they’ll put dirty paw marks along the carpet.

How regularly should I get carpet cleaning done ?

Depending on the carpet and how dirty it gets carpet cleaning should be done every 6 months or defiantly 12 months.

Do I need to move any furniture ?

No you don’t need to move furniture around this is up to you if you wish to do so, small stuff we move of the carpet but bigger furniture such as couches, tv cabinets, beds and dinning room tables we usually go under or around them.

Should I do the cleaning before or after the carpets are done ?

All the cleaning should always be done before carpet cleaning is done, the carpet should be the last thing.

Should I vacuum before you come ?

Yes you should always vacuum before hand allowing to suck all dust and rubbish off the carpet, therefore making it much easier when steam cleaning.

How long until I can walk on the carpets ?

You can walk on the carpets straight away as long as your feet are clean, it will still take around 5 hours for it to fully dry.

I have a few stains can you get them out ?

We always try our best with stains, most come out others don’t it all depends on what type of stain, how long it’s been there etc.

What areas do you service ?

We service all of Gold Coast from Coolangatta to Upper Coomera.